Feast of Feasts! Christ Is Risen!

I have finished my Web Design and Interactive Media Cert., watched my daughter graduate with her Bachelor of Music, and today I celebrate Pascha, Eastern Orthodox Easter…all with great joy and so much gratitude. It hasn’t all been happy go lucky. I have also attended the funeral of an old friend, and the funeral of another old friend’s young daughter with pain as they endure so much more. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones. On this day I am grateful for not only what God has allowed me in joyous experience, but that Christ IS Risen, and that through Him the loved ones we have buried can know forgiveness and eternal life, God willing. So I soon begin my journey into web development, and appreciate all those in my life and all God has given. May you all find peace, love, faith , hope and joy today and always. Tech stuff later…it is the Feast of Feasts! Christ Is Risen!


New World

This is just a short entry. It is just to establish the beginning of a new time in my tech design world. I am enjoying the digital art that I create, and inspire from many. The technical is a challenge, but worth it. I have great appreciation to God and for those that have taken time to help and support me in this new chapter. I pray it may be fruitful. Amen.